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Having a Family Dentist in Maricopa You Can Trust

December 16, 2016

Who can you trust with your family’s dental needs? Look to the compassion, experience and skill of family dentist in Maricopa, Dr. Ehfad Shah.What does it take to build trust? Consider the experience, skills and patient-centeredness of Maricopa family dentist, Dr. Ehfad Shah. From kids to seniors, patients receive superior dental care in a warm, friendly environment.

What a Family Dentist in Maricopa Provides

From toddlerhood through senior years, Dr. Shah and his staff ensure patients receive excellent preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services tuned to their individual needs and desires. Plus, these caring professionals create a relaxed atmosphere that’s pleasant for every member of the family.

Take preventive dental care, for example. Dr. Shah wants to see his patients as young as three years old to accustom them to the sights and sounds of the dental office. Then, over time, the children receive the routine exams, digital X-rays and hygienic cleanings they require to keep young smiles healthy. Dr. Shah checks for tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth alignment issues. Plastic sealants and fluoride treatments assist in preventing tooth decay.

Also, adolescents are carefully evaluated for orthodontic issues, and Dr. Shah and his team teach at-home oral hygiene habits. When youngsters brush, floss and eat a healthy diet at an early age, their teeth and gums have a better chance of lasting them a lifetime.

Additionally, the third molars, or wisdom teeth, can cause problems for young patients. Dr. Shah performs extractions of wisdom teeth that are coming into the mouth crooked or are infected or impacted below the gumline. Your best family dentist is also the best children’s dentist in the Maricopa area.

What Adults Require

Even with diligent at-home hygiene and regular dental care, adults and seniors may require restorative services at Cobblestone Dental Center. Root canal therapy, gum disease treatment, tooth-colored fillings, bridgework, and dentures bring smiles back to full health and aesthetics.  Rely on Dr. Shah to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. When a tooth has to be extracted, the doctor works with the patient to replace that tooth with the best option possible. Besides traditional fixed bridgework and full and partial dentures, Dr. Sikes offers dental implants, today’s most natural-looking, feeling and functioning tooth replacement option.

Lastly, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and composite resin bonding enhance teeth that are healthy but have cosmetic defects. Dr. Shah has taken the time and effort to complete his dental practice with the latest cosmetic dentistry has to offer. Your smile can look its very best!

When There’s a Dental Emergency

You may ask the question, “is there a reliable emergency dentist near me?” Dr. Shah and his team are available to answer questions and to render same-day treatment if necessary.  A toothache, soft tissue laceration, avulsed or chipped tooth, a damaged crown–these require immediate contact with your dentist. Count on Dr. Shah to get you the care you need fast. He urges families to contact him immediately when a serious problem arises.

Contact Cobblestone Dental Center

All the dental services your family needs are under one roof. Contact Cobblestone Dental Center to arrange a consultation. Ask about our Cobblestone Dental Plan which makes preventive care more affordable for families.

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